• Excavate existing debris such as sod, rocks etc. Approx 60 – 80 mm below joining surface.
  • Spread and level the cracker dust. (Blue Metal Dust), Lightly water and compact the base with the vibrating compactor. Then screen the area until it is leveled.
  • Layout the grass. If the Turf comes in different two pieces , When laying the turf make sure the grain in the fibres are running in the same direction. Make sure the roll edges as close together as possible, Fold your roll edges back to allow the joining tape to fit under both edges of the length of the roll. Peel off backing from joining tape and press firmly along the join
  • Use the blade knife to trim around borders, make sure the turf suit for the area.
  • Secure turf to the base by using nails approximately 1 meter around the perimeter where required. Apply infill (white washed sands) to the turf, spray it , Use a power broom to smooth it, This will ensure the correct amount of infill required per square meter. 3 kilograms of sand should be used for each square meter of turf.